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March 14, 2011

Girls Who Rock

As the 1/6th of Fortnight who is a girl, I sometimes feel a little bit overwhelmed by testosterone. And the fact that Fortnight defies the typical indie rock stereotype by including 3 high school coaches really ups the dude-o-meter too. So we get to add talk of baseball, soccer, and shotput to the already masculine conversations that abound. I love the boys but sometimes I just wish there were more women in the music scene. Whenever we share the stage with one of the awesome female musicians in town I get very excited and end up having girl chat all night and totally ignoring the boys (yes, Megan Morgan I am pointing at you).

So I was SUPER stoked when I found out that two other Omaha musicians have received a grant to start the first ever Rock n Roll Camp for Girls in Omaha! It’ll be similar to the Portland area camp ( I don’t think the details are solid yet, so I’ll wait to share them, but I’m brimming with excitement and pride and cannot WAIT to see the amazing things that happen with adult women give their time to help young girls learn music, skills, pride, and find out the GIRLS ROCK!

– j