About Fortnight

Fortnight was formed in January of 2008 by a group of Omaha friends who shared a love of music but had drastically different tastes. What started as a bit of a joke quickly turned into something promising. Fortnight was once, and probably best, described as “whimsical rock” — maybe the easiest way to peg a band that features a former member of Saddle Creek indie-pop band Park Ave. alongside a former member of progressive rock band Eustace. The band combines elements of indie rock, pop, hardcore, and folk to create songs that are dynamic, fun, and danceable.

After three years and a lineup change, Fortnight (l-to-r: guitarist Mike Greene-Walsh, vocalist Corey Degner, bassist Kyle Petersen, guitarist Tim Walker, drummer Scott Micheels and keyboardist Jenn Bernard) has made a name for itself in the Omaha music scene.

Fortnight has played with many local and national bands including Cursive, David Condos, The Photo Atlas, 1090 Club, Little Brazil, Landing on the Moon, Thunder Power, Down With the Ship, So-So Sailors and Bazooka Shootout.

Photo by Andrew Marinkovich.

Fortnight has been compared to Arcade Fire, Shout Out Louds, Get Up Kids, Tilly and the Wall.

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