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January 27, 2011

HearNebraska … We’re Listening!

There’s a new site in town and we are so excited about it! is a nonprofit cultural organization that cultivates the state’s vibrant, fertile music and arts community. By providing resources and a voice for bands, artists and members of Nebraska’s creative class — as well as the businesses that support them — Hear Nebraska strives to make the state a globally recognized cultural destination.

We met the brainchild of HearNebraska, Andrew Norman, and his wife, Angie, the creative director, when they helped shoot our Lovedrunk video. They are cool + fun + talented. The content of the site is great and we can’t wait to see more!

We were also excited to see their review of our EP:

January 22, 2011

Millions of Centipedes

Ladies and gents! Check out the sweet review from Chuck at Centipede Farm for our recently released EP, Botany Camp. Thanks so much for the kind words, Chuck.

Here is a bit of what he said:

“Fortnight are not the kind of band that transports your out of yourself; rather, they’re the kind of band that grounds you to that self, reminding you who and what you are. They’re one of those bands you relate to. They seem to operate from the school of thought that a few well-chosen open guitar chords, a simple keyboard line, and a few lyrics written from the heart can say everything that needs saying.”

Check out the whole thing at

January 15, 2011

Botany Camp EP – Lyrics

Lots of people ask about our lyrics. Corey is the scribe of the group (we keep trying to convince him to write a book!), although there are a few bits in here by the rest of us. Here they are, in case you want to sing along:


Release Date 1/15/2011
Omaha, Nebraska

Oh, Audra

Oh, Audra
No matter matter matter matter how how bad it gets
Still find ways to laugh, ha ha ha.
Still find something to talk about
I’m fine, how are you?
You make me mad, well so do you.
You can go on playing God and waiting tables
I’ll keep on making things difficult
Oh Audra, Oh Audra

Sometimes you look up at me and squint like the sun is in the room
You take on new pet projects and try to volunteer all your time
Will I ever be worth your time?
There’s got to be a reason, we just don’t know it yet
There’s got to be a reason, we just don’t know it yet
Oh Audra

We could go out east past the city
Where the trees proclaim its name
Take lunch for two and a bottle of wine, drink it quickly and carefully
And we’ll sleep soundly tonight

Welcome Back Bond

Welcome back from your fake war. How many fictional lives did you take?
While you were gone we were stuck here. Falling apart inside this clapboard house.
The newspapers don’t cease to distress us, and the news at nine will always be the saddest thing on TV. You’re so set in your ways.

She doesn’t want to be rich and famous, she just wants a little bit more than
All the sad souls that she sees every day. She just wants to be better than the neighbors.

Electrical tape held up their smiles. Their crossed out eyes followed the moon, speakers thumping with each heartbeat.
Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. The company we keep went bankrupt. I’m not worried that I’ll get lost again, I’ve got a brand new tag.

We stand in the middle of everything and hold our breath for as long as we can.
Now we’re lightheaded and seeing spots, we sit down to take in the morning sun.

License plates become mix tapes of everywhere we’ve been this year. I’ve had enough Steel Reserve to last a lifetime.
We could will ourselves to disappear. Will ourselves to invent a new life
We return to rooms filled with sunlight from a window with a broken blind.

Welcome back from your fake war.
While you were gone we were stuck here.
My voice can only do so much.
‘Cause it’ll crack and it’ll weaken
Your voice can only do so much.
‘Cause it’ll say things it never meant to.

This Right Here
Formerly known as Ha Ha, You Are Jealous

There’s no more smoking inside around here
No more halos around heads and necks.
No more fallen angels to feel sorry for.
We ignore everything that we share.
Early mornings and late nights.
Traffic frustrations
7-to-3′s and 9-to-5′s.
First, second, and third shifts.

Some of us have hands that will never be clean again.
Oil and dirt filling the fingerprints until we become one working mass
Winning the games we play without lives to call our own.
Trivial pursuits and three-piece suits. This is our dream.

There will never be anything better than this right here
Turn off the sound and live our lives trapped in closed captions
Sifting through spelling errors and translating sarcasm
You could say you got what you wanted.
I’d say…
I’d say you got what you deserved.

Haha, you are jealous

We slowly drift back towards each other
And it never makes any sense.
If you’ve got a broken heart
If you’ve got a broken heart
Just let it fall apart.

Recycled Lions

You’ve got teeth made of piano keys
And a kick drum for a heart
Pounding out a rhythm I could fall asleep to
Every single night

God damn I believe in the moon
And all it pushes and pulls
God damn I believe in this engine
And all that it carries along

Not gonna worry about my bank account
Not gonna care what your father says
Where do you want me to be?
Where would you like to stand?

If I was angry, do you think that would change anything?
If I was silent, do you think that would change anything?
Cuz I recycle and take my time speaking my mind
Do you think that would change anything?

I Just Don’t (Feel Like Talking)
Formerly known as S.O.S.

Take some Tylenol for bruises and sprains
Doses of alcohol for heartaches and other pains.
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt they say.
So why am I always running away from you?

I don’t always get what you’re trying to say.
But I look you in the eye and nod instinctively.
Count the miles one by one in your head
‘Til they rise through your knees and up to your jaw

Being humble doesn’t mean being passive
Sometimes standing up is the only thing to do.
You never liked anything that we found amusing
You never lied to spare anyone’s feelings.

Save our ship
We’re sick, sick, sick yeah, we’re sick, sick, sick of this shit.

You are somewhere, you are someone, you are something.
I could never make sense of the things you said.
I swear I’m gonna get numb as soon as I can.
And everything beautiful will turn us inside out.
We were shaking from head to toe in the midnight air
It’s not that I’m trying to avoid you, I just don’t feel like talking.

This bag of bones, this heart of coal
These dancer’s legs and this head of stone

Younger For Longer

I’ll be your beehive
You bee my pollen
I’ll be your Vegas
You be my Omaha
I’ll be your winter blues
You be my spring cleaning
We might fall down, but we’ll
Fall down together

We can’t get away we can’t get away
We can’t get away with that anymore
We’re all grown up we’re all grown up
We’re all grown up and we should know better

I’ll be your West “O”
You be my downtown
I’ll be your soft earth
You can be my frozen ground
You and I, our hearts should unionize
You and I, our hearts should unionize
We’re gonna gonna work work overtime
(Because we…)

I’ll be your setting sun
You be my moonshine
I’ll get drunk on you
You can walk me home
I’ll be your Boomer Sooner
You be my Cornhusker
I’ll be your everyday
You can be my forever