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January 20, 2011

rib-a-que day

Today was Rib-a-Que day at our school (3+ of us Fortnighters work together at an Omaha high school.) You know how everyone always gets excited when McDonald’s brings back the McRib? Well, we are lucky enough to get to enjoy our own McRib-style sandwich about once a month. It is always an exciting day! I absolutely LOVE school lunch. But I don’t always eat it, because bringing something from home seems like a healthier option.

Which brings me to this — lately I’ve been reading¬†¬†this blog:

… and all I can say is WOW. It makes me really reflect on how our teenagers eat. I actually think our district serves school lunches that can be okay — the trick is that in order to get a healthy, balanced meal, you have to very carefully choose your items, and school-aged kids aren’t necessarily going to do that. The food served to our anonymous blogger was almost inedible.

If she had had the delicious scent of Rib-a-Que wafting through the halls she would have been much better off.