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January 15, 2011

Dinner Diary in OmaHype

We are so excited about this little feature in OmaHype! They did a review of our EP, Botany Camp, and featured a dinner diary we wrote up one night after a pre-practice feast.

Will said, “Musically, they unabashedly embrace the innate popiness that resides in us all. Their music seeps with personality; their songs are danceable and intentionally catchy. Comparisons to popular indie acts like the Get Up Kids, Mates of State and Tilly & the Wall are on par, especially with the dual male/female vocal attack of Corey Degner and Jenn Bernard (who also plays keyboards). But that’s not to say Fortnight can’t rock out a bit. In fact it’s to the contrary, as angular guitar lines tend to sneak into several of the six tracks on their self-released EP. Thank Mike Greene-Walsh and Tim Walker for this. Bassist Matt Carlson and drummer Scott Micheels comprise the rhythm section.”